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Why Containers?

Strong, Safe, Secure

Containerized Homes can take whatever you throw at it: Earthquake Proof, Fire Proof, Tornado/Hurricane proof, Termite proof. Simply put, Containerized Homes are made of steel and are strong. Modules are made from ISO Marine Containers, which are engineered to carry loads up to 30 tons and stacked up to 7 storeys high during transportation at Sea. ISO Marine Containers, whether 20 ft or 40 ft, are designed to withstand all the dynamic (Pitch, Heave, Roll or Wind) forces that is experienced while at Sea.

Although unibody construction is the strongest and most common body architecture in automobiles, SUV's, yachts, and airplanes today, you may not realize that connecting multiple shipping containers together is also unibody construction. In fact, by connecting multiple SMART Modules together, whether multiple one-level, or multiple ten-level, you have created the ultimate unibody construction unit with far more strength than the already, super stronger container alone.

Flexible, Finished, Fast

Foundations and modules can be made simultaneously thereby, significantly cutting down the construction times. The modules are fabricated off-site at Containerized factory, allowing faster construction time. Modules can be dressed with cladding and roofing to create a more appealing aesthetic feel to the units. Standard construction exterior finishes can be applied to the modules to create a wide range of customised finishes. Modular Construction is like playing with LEGO™. With each module of standard specifications - 20 ft or 40 ft, one can configure the blocks in any imaginable configuration. Scaling up when extra space is required is a quick process when working with Containerized Homes modules.

Green Built for Green Living

Containerized Homes require minimum foundation thereby leaving minimal footprint when removed. A better “Greenfield” solution. Installation is quick and clean because all Containerized Homes are pre-fabricated and delivered as finished homes with some minimal onsite connections.

Containers are in strong supply in North America due to heavy importing with minimal exporting, so instead of letting them rust away in a field, capture and utilize the great living space they can provide. Thus, construction utilizing used containers is a green choice for environmentally conscious human beings.

Containerized Homes modules can be relocated in a clean and environmentally conscious manner once its given use is expired. The life expectancy of a Containerized Home is about 50 years (structure only - subject to regular maintenance).