Green Benefits

Green Benefits

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Green Built for Green Living

Containerized Homes are a solution to a problem that some say is too big to fix. How could we possibly change our lives to suit the environment? Its hard enough to use less gasoline in our cars, how are we going to use less water and electricity in our homes? The truth is, it is a tough problem to solve. If we continue down the same path we are on now, it is a problem that may never be fixed.

Unless we are willing to change some of the fundamental ways in which we live. Containerized Homes have solutions to a lot of these problems, from reducing the amount of water and electricity used to generating it in self sufficient ways, all the way to re-using and recycling the waste that is generated. A new philosophy, starting from the ground up, for a whole new generation to live and exist in a more green way.


With Containerized Homes, we have a chance to completely alter the way in which we live our lives. Making full utilization of water saving and recycling is both smart for the environment and for your pocket book. Think about it, every time you flush your toilet you are using clean, treated, taxed drinking water. We are already faced with water shortages across the world, but don't forget the environmental impact of treating that water both on the earth and your body. Rethinking how and where we used treated taxed water can help us reutilize one of nature most renewable resources.

So how is this accomplished? First, the implementation and use of low flush toilets and new technology faucets that help to Reduce the quantity of water we use for normal day to day living. Second we Re-use as much gray water as possible. For example, why not use the water that goes down your bathroom sink drain as flushing water in the toilet? This water usually contains soap which helps clean your toilet. If that is not your style, perhaps the rain water capture system designed in containers. We prefer and recommend both methods. Finally, we Recycle water where possible. Ironically enough, a container can be used as a water treatment facility, making the entire facility almost entirely water self sufficient.

Imagine a life where your water footprint is barely measurable. Think of what good you will be doing for the planet and for your pocketbook. Containerized Homes is a water friendly solution that handle all the R's of being green.


Rvs, Boats and Trailers have perfected the method of duplicating all the luxuries and amenities of modern living, but on less power. Containerized Homes take advantage of low voltage appliances to reduce the amount of electricity required for day to day living.

The less power used the better it is for the environment, but let's be real; it’s not possible to cut out electricity completely from our lives. For this reason alone we need to be more creative in the way we produce our power, and not simply rely on the traditional taxed and strained infrastructure to supply our energy needs. Containerized Homes can easily be customized to adapt to solar power with panels throughout the modules. Electricity storage is handled by 10 year + battery system and the control room is designed inside a container for safety and security, an addition to your home if you will, and the savings that are becoming realized get better every day.


Shipping Container Homes can be used on land that some other homes can not be built on. The requirements for a foundation are not nearly as intensive as a wood framed home and can be put into place without scarring the land any more than necessary. If you have ever seen a home being built, you know that it can be a very harsh transformation of the land.

Shipping Container Utilities can be good for the environment too, performing such tasks as treatment of farm waste and methane reclamation. It is possible now to make the process of removing CO2 from manure almost completely energy efficient. Shipping containers can be pre-fabricated for this task and delivered across the continent, removing harmful CO2 gases from the environment immediately.

Finally, should your needs ever change or circumstances require that you no longer need a Container Home, we will buy it back from you and ensure it gets re-used or recycled. That completes the recycling circle and green living, what other housing solution can claim that?